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Wedding PlanningChecklist

Congratulations! We are sure you are elated with this thrilling new journey of your life that you are set to embark on with your better half. How beautiful are those moments, when you make this one biggest decision of your life, with all your heart and might, looking forward to this forever of togetherness and happiness.

Well, if you have not given yourself quite a breathing window to plan the marriage, better go ahead and pick up that phone right now and give us a call. To plan the perfect celebration, use this comprehensive, timeline based wedding checklist.

Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

  • Sixteen to Nine Months Before The Shaadi

    Start planning
    • We'd like you to start with deciding on a Wedding date. Well how would you want to start the planning without one indeed!
    • A beautiful way to keep the nitty gritty of your wedding is to create and manage a wedding folder or binder. Collect pictures, articles, dresses, venue details, food, even the details of a flower that catches your heart. Fill your heart out in this binder to never miss out on any detail that you might want to include in the wedding.
    • At the same time, also chalk down your finances and calculate the budget for the wedding. Smart way to keep your money in control and spend on the right things. Consult the individual families, and make a conscious decision that suits all.
    • Plan your wedding party. Check on your friend's availability and willingness to be the bridesmaid. Start planning on the best man before you have the panic attacks!
    • Make a note of the guest list, sit and decide on the common guests and friends to be invited to the wedding. The sooner the better!
    • Save the dates! Better to send them at the earliest for the far living relatives and friends to plan their calendars accordingly.
    • Hire a Planner! This is one piece of work that you should involve in the planning and preparation if you feel comfortable with the idea. It is always best to have professionals be helping you with managing the incumbent work that comes with this happiness.
    • Now that you have decided on the date and the venue, go ahead and make those bookings, before it's too late.
    • Book your officiant, as it is important for you to be in sync and keep pace with the entire wedding planning, tone and ceremony details.
    • Go ahead and research thoroughly on the wedding photographer, bands, florists, and caterers. These are the most important details that you should dive in as early as possible.
    • What better way to share this happiness with friends and family- Throw an engagement party.
  • Eight Months Before the Marriage

    Contact the wedding planners
    • Now that you are thorough with the research, hire the wedding photographer and videographer.
    • Choose the vendors for the caterers, the florists and the wedding music/dance party. Pre book well in advance to avoid any last minute rushes and disappointments.
    • In case of hiring a live music performance artist or band, make sure you attend at-least a two of their live events to finalise on them.
    • Have food tastings and discuss the menu that the potential caterers have to offer for your wedding. Before finalising on this, make sure they offer your wedding dinner the delicacies that the guests will not forget for a long time, if not a lifetime!
    • Start visualising yourself in the wedding dress and make a note of the details. Go dress shopping with the one you trust the choice of, and make sure you finalise the dress well in advance. If you have a beautiful idea, you might as well want to get it customised. This will require at-least three to four re-fittings before the day of the wedding.
    • Also do not forget to decide on the attire for your bridal party.
    • Make sure you have decided on a hotel or stay arrangement for the out of town guests and booked well in advance.
    • Now you would also want to plan registering for at-least three retailers for the merchandise and the inventory.
    • Any better an idea than creating your own wedding website? Go ahead make those memories and unforgettable. Put them up on the web to make them easily accessible.
  • Seven to Six Months Before the Shaadi

    Bring family and friends in sync
    • Would you not want to make that invitation one of its kind? Hire a calligrapher, get those wedding cards printed and written in the most beautiful way possible.
    • You would not want to waste time and be preparing the honeymoon on the last minute. It is one of the most important part of your wedding, and make sure you both are in sync with the destination and the itinerary of the honeymoon.
    • As much as you will want your wedding dress to be decided and ordered well before time, give a breathing window to the bridesmaid dresses. This too will require a few fittings.
    • By this time you have to be completely sure of all the documents required for the wedding. Be sure that the officiant has well versed you with the same.
    • This is the right time to send out the save the date cards.
    • Now these may be very fine details, but make sure all the structural and electrical requirements are booked well in advance. Do not forget to book the florist too!
    • You might want to consider booking the transportation well in advance for the guests, family and friends to travel to the venue.
    • Plan an itinerary for the Wedding day, planning the hours of every little detail and event that will take place on the day.
  • Five to Four Months Before the Shaadi

    Get the details right
    • For the perfect wedding you will require a wedding rehearsal, the dinner rehearsal, and also the first dance rehearsal. Make time for this and work on the minute details.
    • Before you send out the wedding invitation cards, check on the fine print and work on the fine tuning of anything that needs change.
    • One of the most important part of the wedding night is the wedding cake. Go ahead, give it a good thought, meet varied bakers and discuss ideas. Design that perfect cake for the beautiful day.
    • If you are already aware of the bridal shower, go ahead and lend a list of friends you would want to invite to the hosts of this party.
    • Once the dress is decided, buy those lovely shoes you have always dreamed of for your wedding. Start a dress rehearsal early and go for regular fittings.
    • It is very important to decide on the makeup and hair artist by this time. You will want to go through the bridal packages which will give you regular treatments till the day of your wedding, work on the hair as per the hairstyle decided.
    • Start picking up on the songs and the music you will want for the wedding.
  • Three Months Before the Shaadi

    Start planning
    • With the ample amount of research and quality tasting time, finalise on the menu and the flowers you will want for the wedding.
    • For the invitees living outside town, send out the mails with the wedding invitation card.
    • To make this day memorable not only for the two of you but also for the guests, you might want to consider send friends and family home with some Favors.
    • Make sure you have already decided on who will give the toast at the wedding and keep them in loop for the same.
    • Help them with writing and finalising what you wish to be spoken at the wedding. You can also include a small memoir of the pictures of the two of you together be playing along with the toast and speech.
    • You don't want to end up in uncomfortable undergarments beneath the most beautiful dress. It is equally important to choose your inner garments and have fitting sessions for the same.
    • By this time, you should have finalised the orders for the reception with all the fine details and inputs required. Consider printing a menu card if required.
    • It's time to go out in quest of those beautiful wedding rings that will be held on your delicate fingers for a lifetime. You want to make sure you pick the ones that are the most beautiful to the two of you!
    • Keep the vendors in sync with the wedding itinerary to avoid any last minute confusions and/or delay.
  • Two Months Before the Shaadi

    Start planning
    • Touch base with the vendors and make sure they have a track of the itinerary. Answer any questions/confusions they might have.
    • Schedule a meeting with the photographer, and make sure both you and your groom are present at this meeting. Discuss the ideas and details of the pictures you'd want.
    • Discuss your music playlist with the artist/ band/ DJ you have decided for the wedding.
    • Check back on any wedding invitations left to be mailed out and do it at the earliest!
    • It is quite unique to be sending out a newspaper announcement for the wedding. You might want to experiment the same.
    • It's time for the much needed bachelorette party!! Go and have a blast!
  • One Month Before the Shaadi

    Start planning
    • Make a list of the RSVPs and try to phone up the friends and family who have yet not reverted.
    • A good time to get the marriage license. This may require a few days hence the earlier the safer.
    • Mail the rehearsal-dinner invitations.
    • Time for the one last dress fitting, hoping you do not manage to uneven weight gains or loss within this short span to the wedding.
    • With an apparently confident headcount, you might want to stock the bar well in advance. Keep room for some extra liquor!
    • Confirm on the payments, keep a check on the payments made and due!
    • Finalize on the appointments for the wedding day with the makeup and hair artist, the caterers, the florist, the music artist and any other vendor that you have hired.
    • Time to assign the seating arrangement for the guests.
    • Do not forget to buy gifts for your bridesmaids.
    • Have you always wanted to write the vows for your wedding? Now is the time to sit and write them. Take out some quality time to put your feelings pen to paper.
  • Week of the Wedding

    Start planning
    • Time to reconfirm the arrival times with the vendors, delegate the wedding day tasks to close friends and family, send out the timelines to the bridal party.
    • Pick up the wedding dress and have the one last fitting if required, not to forget the shoes!
    • Books yourself a beautiful spa treatment, much required with the pre wedding stress.
    • Send the final guest list to the caterer and all venues hosting your wedding-related events. Create a checklist you would want them to use.
    • Make sure the welcome baskets are arranged and assembled in advance and in enough quantity.
    • Start packing for your honeymoon!! Aren't you already excited?
Have a blissful married life!